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The motion capture system is a sensory suit that is particularly sensitive to movement and its control system,
 including even the slightest finger movements and facial expressions. An advanced method for exceptional projects!
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“Spagetthi” curtains

Lightweight non-combustible corded curtains for displaying projections, separating rooms, exhibition stands and stage decorations.
Segment size 2.1x8m;
Maximum area 80 x 8 m.

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Sparkular fountain

programmable “Sparkular” DMX fountains:

– operation up to 20min;
– Fountain height up to 7m;
– mountable to trusses;
– for outdoor and indoor use;
– non-flammable;
– odorless;
– no heat!

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Special effects

Effective and unique events do not go without special effects. Videoprojektai LT team offers you original and innovative alternatives that are guaranteed to liven up your project!

Extremely impressive scenography solution – Spaghetti curtains. These are lightweight and extremely flexible corded curtains for various purposes:

  • Separation of spaces.
  • The main scenographic detail.
  • Additional scenographic element.

The bright surface of the curtains allows you to create dynamic or static 3D projections on them.

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If you are looking for exclusivity and modernity, Spaghetti curtains are a wonderful alternative.

Astonish everyone with programmable SPARKULAR effect fountains! It’s an effective and truly impressive scenography element that perfectly complements the directorial highlights.

  • Can be either hung on construction trusses or built on the floor.
  • The height of the effective fountain reaches up to 7m!
  • A product of various uses and functions.

Together we will find the solution for you. Make your events the top of innovation and originality!

You can always evaluate our work here: https://www.videoprojektai.lt/en/projects/

If you are looking for exceptional quality, reliability, security and the most efficient solutions, contact us now!

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