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Graphic design

Often customers think: “I know what kind of event I want, but I have no idea if it’s possible to achieve.” The answer is very simple – anything is possible, you just have to take a few important aspects into consideration. Graphic design provides many variations and possibilities. The following elements are necessary:

  • Careful analysis of all technical elements
  • Drawings of premises and heavy equipment
  • Layout of premises
  • Electrical voltage points
  • Assessment of safe distances and weather conditions

You don’t have to worry about details, Videoprojektai LT – experts in this field.

After analyzing all the technical elements, we responsibly assess the risk factors and the logical layout of the equipment. Then we prepare 3D drawings that correspond to reality.

A glance

It is important to emphasize that graphic design eliminates the “unknown”. You will not have to guess what the final version will look like, because during the process we will provide all the graphic drawings and visualizations of the project.

More and more event organizers are becoming convinced of the effectiveness of 3D drawings.


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Constructive and creative work based on the best principles.

Contact Videoprojektai LT and immerse yourself in the creative part of organizing the event, enjoy the upcoming event. And let us do what we do best. After all, we are all one team during the development of the event!

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